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A Night w/ Reboot & Amelie Lens - 14/01/2017 | Lagoa

Underground beats

Saturday 14 January 2017, 23:00
15 January 2017, 8:00

Wervikstraat 94, 8930 Menen (BE)

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Belgium can gear up for the return of one of the mightiest clubs the country ever saw. The Lagoa club in West-Flanders, near the French border, was one of the biggest early club-institutions when opening its doors in 1990. And now, they’re back and they will bring you once again impressive line-ups of ‘underground electronic music’ with names that you all want to hear next to fast rising talents. The launch will take place on January 14th and feature: Reboot, Amelie Lens, Joyhauser and Endove. Get ready to feel the bass and dance to the beat!

When Lagoa opened its doors in 1990, it was mainly a day club, open on Sunday . With 3 dance-floors, 4 bars and two full blown rooms, it was one of the biggest clubs in the country. After a couple of years, it became a nightclub. Lagoa has one of the most advanced sound-systems in Europe and its sound can easily live up to that of the great German clubs which is definitely one of their biggest assets. They also have intelligent light-systems which were way ahead of their time.

By the turn of the century Lagoa was in full bloom and attracted more than 3.000 clubbers each week. Its reputation extended far beyond the country’s borders and within the international dj-world. Under the reign of their residents DJ H.S. and Frank Biazzi, they invited a list of national and international heavy weights that is quite impressive to say the least: Len Faki, Green Velvet, Jeff Mills, Oxia, Deetron, Charlotte de Witte, Ben Sims, Marco Bailey Luke Slater, Gary Beck, Dimitri Andreas, James Ruskin, Mark Broom, DJ Rush, Secret Cinema, Jack de Marseille, Technasia, Ken Ishii, Miss Yetti, Redhead, Joey Beltram, Robert Armani, Trish, Pierre, Robert Armani, John Dahlback, Fred Nasen, Miss Djax, Terence Fixmer, DJ Ghost, Stanny Franssen, Tom Hades, T-Quest, Tomaz, Psychogene, … Because the atmosphere was so extraordinary, people would come down from France, Germany and even the UK.

A couple of years ago, the faith of Lagoa underwent the same decline as that of most Belgian clubs. Numbers started to fall back and many had to close their doors. Even though Lagoa stayed in place, being open less often and attracting less visitors, certain ‘retro nights’ or those with the ‘harder’ styles, remembered of the glory days and were still quite spectacular. And now, it seems like the tide is turning. At different locations around the country, clubs are retaking their positions and giving young people the nights of their lives again.

Also Lagoa is ready to reclaim its reputation and get back in the game, programming advanced line-ups with names that rule dance-floors around the world. They can still pride on the best sound-system in the country, the kind that makes you feel the bass from the tips of your toes to the hairs on your head. The kind of sound that makes it impossible not to dance! The kind of sound that made the nights at Lagoa into some of the best nights on the dance-floor and the atmosphere absolutely overwhelming!

Get ready to be blown away once again and this to the best dj’s around. For the first night, they have chosen a state-of-the-art techno line-up with Reboot as headliner. He spearheads the ‘new sound of Frankfurt’ and produced a major hit with ‘Caminando’, a tune that makes the floor explode wherever it’s played, from Ibiza to Cirque Magique. After releases on many notorious labels as Cocoon, Defected, SeiEsDrum, Moon Harbour, Cadenza, Sci-Tech, … he now also runs on his own Noon Records and plays all over the world.
Second headliner is Amelie Lens, one of fastest rising talents from Belgium whose bookings go from Berlin to Vietnam and from Tomorrowland to Dour. She was taken up by the Pan-Pot duo to get involved in their Second State label after her solid debut EP ‘Exhale’ on the Italian Lyase label. ‘Exhale’ also being the name of her very successful nights at the Labyrinth club in Hasselt. Endove will represent the local colors as resident of the techno-concept Ohm. Joyhauser is still one of the key artists of the FloorFiller collective and label and one to watch out for in the near future!

Forward thinking, qualitative, edgy, renowned, … just some of the adjectives you can pin down on the artists that will be part of the new and improved Lagoa line-ups. Only for the lovers of the best, underground beats!


▲ Reboot (Noon artists, DE)
▲ Amelie Lens (Second State, BE)
▲ Joyhauser (Floorfiller, BE)
▲ Endove (Ohm, BE)


Presale 15€ ; Ad: 20€ ;

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nicklebo Shanna Vlaeminck Nico Devos Rohini Ignoul Dries Claeys Kjell Saskia Alaintje45 weske Parmentier Wendy C Van Overberghe Eleanor Dewidehem Fleurtje Geert Dutillie Sergio Bohne davidovitch Laferesha Despriet Olivier Joris Joyhauser Cielen


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