party Retro Rave

Retro Rave

Saturday 02 February 2019 23:00 » 03/02/2019 07:00


2 Rijnkaai, 2000 Antwerpen (BE)

Retro House

Remember the beginning?
The dawn of house music
The start of more than 30 years of House clubbing…

Lets take you on a trip through the years… through the boundaries of house music.

Follow dj’s Yves Deruyter (Cherry Moon/Bonzai), Franky Kloeck (Cherry Moon/Bonzai/Carat), Franky Jones (First Rebirth/Carat), Jan Vervloet (Bonzai Channel One/Fiocco), Philip (Illusion/La Rocca/Carat), Bountyhunter (Whoops!/Bonzai), DJ Wait (Retro Rave) and Apes of Spades (Retro Rave) on their journey…

Get (re)acquainted with the music that started it all…
Get acquainted with Retro Rave

Yves Deruyter (Cherry Moon/Bonzai)
Franky Kloeck (Cherry Moon/Bonzai/Carat)
Franky Jones (First Rebirth/Carat)
Jan Vervloet (Bonzai Channel One/Fiocco)
Philip (Illusion/La Rocca/Carat)
Bountyhunter (Whoops!/Bonzai)
DJ Wait (Retro Rave)
Apes of Spades (Retro Rave)

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"Retro Rave" Event announced by : BeachLand PRO